More Elf Shenanigans

I’ve been really bad at keeping these posts up.  Let’s be honest, we all knew it wouldn’t happen on a daily basis.  Luckily I’ve taken pictures each day.  Let’s recap:

SONY DSCElli decided to do a little “crafting”.  She made snowman paper dolls, snowflakes, and Max’s name.

SONY DSCThen she hid amongst the stocking holders and other Christmas figurines.  A lovely and quiet place to catch up on a little light reading.  Do you see her?  Here..

DSC00396Even wee-little elves sometimes need reading glasses.

SONY DSCElli has seen how much fun Maxwell has shooting hoops in the living room.  Guess she decided to try it out!

DSC00402The next morning we found her dangling from a disco-style Christmas ornament under the ceiling fan.  Silly elf!

SONY DSCMax noticed Elli before Isaac or me this morning.  She was climbing trees.  See?

SONY DSCShe’s so fun!

Here’s a couple of photo’s of Maxwell, when he fell asleep early on my recliner.  He’ll be mad about this kind of thing one day… but until then:

SONY DSCSo sweet.

But wait…. this one cracks me up.  He fell asleep in the afternoon while eating Oreo’s:

SONY DSCNotice the icingless cookies laying in front of his head.  Nice!  So funny, that boy is!


Day 5-7 (EOTS)

So I missed posting a couple of days.  My bad.  I could blame OG&E again, but that would be a lie.  So…. here’s day #5.

Elli drank her lion’s share of maple syrup, got in the Rice Krispies box (probably thinking those three cute elves on the box were inside playing).

SONY DSCWhen she couldn’t find Snap, Crackle, and Pop she must have decided to leave us a message…


Day 6:

We woke up to the sweet smell of cookies…

SONY DSCKicking back in her stylish apron with some baked goodies.  What a sweetheart!!

Day 7:

Give an elf a fish, and she’ll eat for a day.  Teach an elf to fish, and she’ll eat forever!  SONY DSC

Day 8:  Coming tomorrow.

Stay tuned….

Day 3 & 4 (EOTS)

So I missed a day of posting.  Well, I thank OG&E for this.  Our electricity was out most of the evening due to who knows what!  So I have two days of Elli-antics.  Here goes:

SONY DSCElli invited her cousins along for a motorcycle ride.  Paulie rode in her sidecar.

DSC00253Frankie let the owner of this bike do the driving.



The main elf road solo.

SONY DSCMaxwell played them a couple ragtime tunes, then left them to their journey.

The next morning, Elli performed an act of graffiti.

SONY DSCNice facial hair, boys.

SONY DSC“Mom!  Hey, it’s Elli!”, exclaimed Maxwell as he looked up at the picture!  Then he shot me with his lazer gun.





Day Two (EOTS)

I didn’t pressure Maxwell this morning about finding Elli.  Instead, he came into the TV room, sat in my chair, played with a plastic M&M, and sneezed a half-dozen times.  Poor kid has some serious allergies, even though Matthew has assured me that “Murray’s” don’t have allergies.

So when Maxwell hopped up to scurry off for some t.p. to wipe his nose, he made a discovery…

SONY DSCHe said, “Hey!  (and looked over to where Elli had been flying in her airplane.)  Look!”

The plane was still there, but only with the pilot.  Apparently some snowman building went on while he slept.

SONY DSCThere’s the toilet paper he used for his non-allergies.  Just saying…

SONY DSCElli is proving to be a fun addition.  Wonder what she’ll get into tonight.

Stay tuned…

Day One (EOTS)

Elli began her journey by making a bold entrance on a jet plane.

SONY DSCShe flew first class, with the wind in her hair and a smile for the pilot.

SONY DSCThe wind must have been a little strong, so she put on her stylish argyle scarf.


SONY DSCMaxwell was indifferent about finding Elli this morning.  The idea of locating her only became important post pop-tart.  He looked at her and went about his business playing with a tin container.  Because that’s what he plays with… tin cans and acorns.

We’ll see if tomorrow morning brings an ounce of excitement as to where Elli is and what she’s been up to.

Elf On The Shelf

I’d like to think we have lots of fun family traditions at the Murray house during the holidays.  So far, the most consistent ones involve buying a new tree ornament each year for every one of us, putting our names and the year on the bottom of the ornament, and reminiscing over each one year after year.  Another tradition involves me hanging Christmas lights on the house, usually I stick with the classic white lights and a few icicle lights… then Isaac comes behind me and hangs as many lights (any color.. all colors) as possible on anything he can wrap them around; trees, birdbath, light poles, cats (they just don’t sit still long enough for him), etc.

This year we are starting a new tradition.  You know the one, elf on a shelf.  The funny thing is twelve years ago, Isaac’s great-grandparents gave him two elves that came from The Ukraine (their homeland).  Pauline, his grandmother insisted they were for Isaac.  So, I put them out every Christmas and remind Isaac whom they came from.

When the trend began a few years ago with positioning an elf in random, funny places throughout December, I knew I’d eventually get on board.  We bought a new elf today.  Maxwell named her Elli (with a little coaxing).  Here she is with her distant cousins Frankie and Paul..

SONY DSCThe plan is to post daily about the silly things Elli does to entertain Maxwell and Isaac.

Stay tuned….

Dinosaur Digging

So, I took Maxwell to a birthday party today for his friend Tyler.  Ty is turning four, yet can hold a conversation with most adults… maybe better than most adults.  I’m just saying the boy has verbal skills, he’s awesome.  Anyway, he hosted a dinosaur themed birthday party and the kids (and big kids aka adults) had a blast!  I probably should have taken more picts of Ty, but for some reason my Sony follows Max like a cat follows mice.  Just saying..

Amy (Tyler’s mom) was still getting everything ready when we arrived.  Luckily Max was there to help with the balloons.  Ha..

That’s the birthday boy.  He was laughing at me as I tried to chase him down for a photo-op.

Right before the dinosaur excavation, the kids played in and around the fort.

As always, Maxwell surrounded himself amongst the ladies.

Amy was so clever to think up this dinosaur dig.  She hid mini skeletons in a pile of sand.  Kitty-litter scoops and paint brushes were used to uncover the treasures.

Four-year-olds love this kind of thing.  Even in 110 degree heat.

And then, there was the pinata.

This was no child’s play.  The dino full of candy was most likely made of concrete. I’m pretty sure Ed Brinkman would not have stood a chance against this ancient reptile.

Everyone headed in for ice cream, but Max wasn’t ready to leave the excavation site once he found a safari hat that fit his new lifestyle.

Max honestly had the best time at this party.  It was genius on all levels for this age group.

I am so thankful that Tyler invited Max to his party.  The only thing that would have been better would be if Matthew and Isaac had been with us.

Happy Birthday T-Rex!