Elf On The Shelf

I’d like to think we have lots of fun family traditions at the Murray house during the holidays.  So far, the most consistent ones involve buying a new tree ornament each year for every one of us, putting our names and the year on the bottom of the ornament, and reminiscing over each one year after year.  Another tradition involves me hanging Christmas lights on the house, usually I stick with the classic white lights and a few icicle lights… then Isaac comes behind me and hangs as many lights (any color.. all colors) as possible on anything he can wrap them around; trees, birdbath, light poles, cats (they just don’t sit still long enough for him), etc.

This year we are starting a new tradition.  You know the one, elf on a shelf.  The funny thing is twelve years ago, Isaac’s great-grandparents gave him two elves that came from The Ukraine (their homeland).  Pauline, his grandmother insisted they were for Isaac.  So, I put them out every Christmas and remind Isaac whom they came from.

When the trend began a few years ago with positioning an elf in random, funny places throughout December, I knew I’d eventually get on board.  We bought a new elf today.  Maxwell named her Elli (with a little coaxing).  Here she is with her distant cousins Frankie and Paul..

SONY DSCThe plan is to post daily about the silly things Elli does to entertain Maxwell and Isaac.

Stay tuned….


One response to “Elf On The Shelf

  1. Sooo happy to see you blogging again!! xoxo

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