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Day 3 & 4 (EOTS)

So I missed a day of posting.  Well, I thank OG&E for this.  Our electricity was out most of the evening due to who knows what!  So I have two days of Elli-antics.  Here goes:

SONY DSCElli invited her cousins along for a motorcycle ride.  Paulie rode in her sidecar.

DSC00253Frankie let the owner of this bike do the driving.



The main elf road solo.

SONY DSCMaxwell played them a couple ragtime tunes, then left them to their journey.

The next morning, Elli performed an act of graffiti.

SONY DSCNice facial hair, boys.

SONY DSC“Mom!  Hey, it’s Elli!”, exclaimed Maxwell as he looked up at the picture!  Then he shot me with his lazer gun.