Day 5-7 (EOTS)

So I missed posting a couple of days.  My bad.  I could blame OG&E again, but that would be a lie.  So…. here’s day #5.

Elli drank her lion’s share of maple syrup, got in the Rice Krispies box (probably thinking those three cute elves on the box were inside playing).

SONY DSCWhen she couldn’t find Snap, Crackle, and Pop she must have decided to leave us a message…


Day 6:

We woke up to the sweet smell of cookies…

SONY DSCKicking back in her stylish apron with some baked goodies.  What a sweetheart!!

Day 7:

Give an elf a fish, and she’ll eat for a day.  Teach an elf to fish, and she’ll eat forever!  SONY DSC

Day 8:  Coming tomorrow.

Stay tuned….


One response to “Day 5-7 (EOTS)

  1. Love these posts!

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