Post-it Pretty’s

friend Kobi is opening a new boutique in McLoud.  She has everything from unique baby clothes and accessories, women’s clothes, teacher appreciation gifts, mums (I mean it is called, “Mum’s The Word”), greeting cards, and all things gifts and crafts.  She found these neat little post-it note folders and asked if I could decorate them for her.  Here’s how they looked before I dressed them up:The Before.

And here is how I finished them:

Don’t worry, there’s OSU for you Pokes too… Just trying to make ya sweat…

I also made some that would be appealing to local schools:

Go Panthers!

And the neighboring rival:

Go Redskins!

For the most part, I think these turned out really cute.  What do you think?  Would you buy one of these?  How much would you spend?

Basically, if you are around and want to visit her super sweet boutique, you should.  She’s so inspired to create school-spirit for our schools (the way it was when we were in school).  She has a true mission, and I hope you support her.

For good measure, here are a few more photo’s of gifts offered at Mums The Word:

These are the most adorable metal flowers.  I imagine hanging them on my back patio to add color and whimsy.  Everyone loves whimsy.  Oh… I am so naming my next pet “Whimsy”.  Why am I just thinking of this???

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah, how about a little Thunder-Bling:

And one more thing I want to show is one of the many tin buckets with personalized vinyl lettering, anything you want… and then made into a gift:

Kind of wishing my name was Chloe about now..  Or Whimsy.  Whatever…


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