More Elf Shenanigans

I’ve been really bad at keeping these posts up.  Let’s be honest, we all knew it wouldn’t happen on a daily basis.  Luckily I’ve taken pictures each day.  Let’s recap:

SONY DSCElli decided to do a little “crafting”.  She made snowman paper dolls, snowflakes, and Max’s name.

SONY DSCThen she hid amongst the stocking holders and other Christmas figurines.  A lovely and quiet place to catch up on a little light reading.  Do you see her?  Here..

DSC00396Even wee-little elves sometimes need reading glasses.

SONY DSCElli has seen how much fun Maxwell has shooting hoops in the living room.  Guess she decided to try it out!

DSC00402The next morning we found her dangling from a disco-style Christmas ornament under the ceiling fan.  Silly elf!

SONY DSCMax noticed Elli before Isaac or me this morning.  She was climbing trees.  See?

SONY DSCShe’s so fun!

Here’s a couple of photo’s of Maxwell, when he fell asleep early on my recliner.  He’ll be mad about this kind of thing one day… but until then:

SONY DSCSo sweet.

But wait…. this one cracks me up.  He fell asleep in the afternoon while eating Oreo’s:

SONY DSCNotice the icingless cookies laying in front of his head.  Nice!  So funny, that boy is!


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