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Dinosaur Digging

So, I took Maxwell to a birthday party today for his friend Tyler.  Ty is turning four, yet can hold a conversation with most adults… maybe better than most adults.  I’m just saying the boy has verbal skills, he’s awesome.  Anyway, he hosted a dinosaur themed birthday party and the kids (and big kids aka adults) had a blast!  I probably should have taken more picts of Ty, but for some reason my Sony follows Max like a cat follows mice.  Just saying..

Amy (Tyler’s mom) was still getting everything ready when we arrived.  Luckily Max was there to help with the balloons.  Ha..

That’s the birthday boy.  He was laughing at me as I tried to chase him down for a photo-op.

Right before the dinosaur excavation, the kids played in and around the fort.

As always, Maxwell surrounded himself amongst the ladies.

Amy was so clever to think up this dinosaur dig.  She hid mini skeletons in a pile of sand.  Kitty-litter scoops and paint brushes were used to uncover the treasures.

Four-year-olds love this kind of thing.  Even in 110 degree heat.

And then, there was the pinata.

This was no child’s play.  The dino full of candy was most likely made of concrete. I’m pretty sure Ed Brinkman would not have stood a chance against this ancient reptile.

Everyone headed in for ice cream, but Max wasn’t ready to leave the excavation site once he found a safari hat that fit his new lifestyle.

Max honestly had the best time at this party.  It was genius on all levels for this age group.

I am so thankful that Tyler invited Max to his party.  The only thing that would have been better would be if Matthew and Isaac had been with us.

Happy Birthday T-Rex!