(Somewhat) Daily Photo

Alton & Isaac  7/18/10

Hollis was born today.  He’s perfect.  6/29/10

Funny kids!

Such busy kids… 06/27/10

Five legged cow.

Easter.  4/7/10

Champion of the World!  3/30/10

We had company today.  3/28/10

The times, they are a changing… (Bob Dylan) 3/25/10

You talkin’ to me?  3/23/10

Oh deer…. 3/21/10

a tiny of my tiny. 3/20/10

Jenks Aquarium; Spring Break.  3/16/10

Bath time! 3/12/10

Pure beauty.  3/11/10

Friends 3/10/10

Heather’s baby-bump!  3/7/10

Easy Rider 3/4/10

My Scout and my Monkey.  3/2/10

word. 2/26/10  (btw… i stole this picture from Molly, hope you don’t mind dear!)

It was a long day… 2/24/10

Lovely Camille.  2/23/10

Gotcha! 2/22/10

Handsome.  2/21/10.


Dang! That’s funny!  2/18/10

Last nights star (yes, again!!!!)  2/17/10

Is that a banana, or are you happy to see me?  2/16/10

Last nights party-animals.  2/15/10

My Valentine.  2/14/10

The star player Saturday!  2/13/10
That’s one cool kid. 2/12/10

There’s a monkey on his back.  2/11/10

Because coffee is good.  2/10/10

This was taken 1/17/10.  He was having a blast, obviously.  2/9/10

Maxwell was hiding from us.  You can’t see him through the door.  2/8/10
He's hiding behind the door.  You can't see him...


2 responses to “(Somewhat) Daily Photo

  1. I look so much like my mother! Love all the pics of your boys….and of course, the banana one. You’re too cute!


  2. Hey girl, those are some cute pics. I need some to post on my fridge. Also go follow my blog.

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