Scrapping The Music

I am a fan.  Go here:  Scrapping The Music.  I mean, if you like to “scrapbook”.  My pal, Melanie, the one who really turned me on to the fine art of scrapbooking told me about this site (among others).  They have weekly contests with selected songs as the muse.  I love the concept.  In fact, the scrapbook I created for my sister-in-law, Amber, was driven by songs and/or lyrics.

Here’s my first entry to “Scrapping The Music“.  The song choice was “Stand By Me”.

I’ll post my future pages, just in case anyone is interested.


Oh!  And I must give a ‘shout out’ to Misti.  She’s the genius behind the camera.  These photo’s were taken in September, 2009.


5 responses to “Scrapping The Music

  1. I LOVE it Angee!!! I’ve bought a brand new (yet unopened) Cricut Expression Machine awhile before we moved and now that I’m getting the house close to being set up, I hope to have time on my hands to get into the scrapbooking scene. Maybe we can plan a girl’s scrapbooking (or insert ‘wine/adult beverage’) party and bust out some of that stuff. I’m dying to learn how to use it and get some tips on scrapbooking in general. I love the idea of putting music/lyrics to a page. GENIUS! 🙂

  2. Thanks Amy! For sure, I’m all about this whole creativity thing I have going. It’s so fun!!

  3. Angee, I’m amazed, as always, by your craftiness!

  4. I love it. Are those beads around the lyrics? How did you glue them?

  5. Mel…
    I used that fabulous glue that you recommended! “Beacon’s 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue”. There’s nothing better!!! It’s like using super glue without risking your fingers being bonded together for life! 🙂

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