Oh Christmas Break…

How I love thee…  Actually, I’m so glad that the overly ambitious projects I set myself up to do are completed and out of my house!

The first project I started was my first quilt.  About three (maybe four) months ago I bought some quilting squares on ebay.  Then I thought to myself, “oh crap… now I need a sewing machine!”.  So I convinced my sweet husband that a sewing machine could be my early Christmas present, and in turn I would create beautiful trinkets for all whom are near and dear to me.  And that’s where it began.  I will say that the quilt I made for my sister-in-law, Betty, is gorgeous.  I didn’t take near enough photo’s of it, but here is one as she opened it:

Betty has an awesome camera too, maybe I can get her to take some photo’s of it, along with the freehand stitching I did of her name.  (Right Betty?)

The next project I started a couple months ago was the scrapbook I made for my other favorite sis-in-law, Amber.

She had given me lots of her scrapbooking supplies a while back so I could use it for making cards.  What she didn’t know, is I had the master plan to create her a leather-bound  treasure of her boys’ and other loved ones.  Most of the inspiration for each page came from a song, so I also burned her a cd of all the songs that influenced the pages.

Then came the pot holders that I mentioned in the previous post.  Here’s another picture of a set:

These are the ones I gave my mother-in-law, Chris.  I live for the expression on the faces of those who receive these…

…and….. there it is:

Accompanying the pot holders was an entire basket of “goodies” that Tonie and I endlessly worked on.  We were baking, and mixing, and wrapping, etc. etc. etc….  It was a lot of work, but the response to all the treats was overwhelming.

But once all was said and done, I enjoyed all my nephews, parents, and grandparents.  My sons’ had a beautiful Christmas, and I was able to totally surprise Matthew with a very nice Husky ToolBox.

One of my favorite gifts to give was a huge box filled with helium balloons for Maxwell.  It was the first time I ever heard him say, “AWESOME”.  That was awesome.

Isaac received many fun toys and gadgets… I think he loves his new “Harrah” bag the most.  (Thanks Aunt Amber!)

We got soft-air-pellet guns for Ryan and Zachary.  Along with guns were plastic jars of 6,000 tiny orange pellets.  The kicker was when Zachary accidently dropped an entire bucket on Memere’s kitchen floor…

Boy, that was fun to clean up!  I bet Chris and Ed find little orange bullets in their house for the rest of their lives!

I was so excited to see my brother and his family.  It’s always a treat when they visit!  Alton is quite possibly the most intelligent child I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.  So witty and thoughtful he is.  And little Dylan took to his Tio Murray like a duck to water.  I would walk in my parents door and he wouldn’t even have a “hello” for his Tia Angee, just a, “where’s Tio Murray?”  Oh I love those boys…

It was the most awesome Christmas, ever!


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