More Birthdays

I was so honored to bake and decorate the cake for my dear little Meredith.  She is the daughter of my neighbors, T & K.  Her request was a “Princess – Scooby Doo” Party.  Heck yeah!  So her Aunt Ashley kind of photo shopped a tiara and dress on Scooby, and I stole it.  Here’s a few photo’s of the process:

Yes, I freehanded that.

Coming together nicely…

Here’s a funny story for you.   I didn’t plan on putting any blue flowers on the cake.  But when I got to the point where everything was completed except that, I felt it needed something more.  So I put a few behind Scooby, and I stopped.  As I studied what I had done, it looked as if he was pooping blue flowers.  So… naturally I had to put them all over the place.  Heh…heh…

The cupcakes were made by a good friend of mine, Lisa Clark.  Not only does she do a beautiful job, they taste amazing!  The white cupcakes were so similar to a sugar cookie, and the chocolate ones were as moist as one could possibly get to perfection.  Nice job!   Oh… and the company is called Sweet Addictions.

So cute…

I’m pretty sure she had a good birthday.  She rocks.


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