What 9/11 means to me.

Two years ago, on this day one of the best things in life happened to me.  Maxwell arrived.  Bright eyed, chubby cheeks, and all the possibilities in the world at his feet.  His due date was the 14th, but my doctor was going to be on vacation.  She offered the 11th as an induction date.  She said hardly anyone wanted to schedule an induction on the day because of its history.  I figured the best way to make the very most out of that horrific memory was to make it the best memory.  So he was brought into the world with all the hopes of making the best out of everything.  And that’s exactly what he has done and will do.

I could sit here and type story after story about all the cute and brilliant things he has done over the two years.  But i will keep it to a minimum.  Or at least I will try….

The boy knows his A,B,C’s.  Maybe not by memory in their order.. but when he sees a letter, he tells me what it is.  He does the same thing with numbers.  When we are in a grocery store, he’ll look up at the aisle number and tell me where we are.  He knows what sounds most animals make.  He knows everyone important in his life and their names.  When he wakes up from a nap he sometimes recites all the names he loves and knows.  He LOVES Isaac.  He says his name more than anyones.  But, Isaac is probably the best big brother of allllllll time!  Hands down!!  He knows a lot of sign language (thank you Jonathan and Sara…. I have those dvd’s coming to you shortly!  For real!!)  He knows the most important words to a toddler, “swing” and “pool”.  He loves bathtime, elmo, and his kitty-cat that he sleeps with.  He’s genuinely a loving and sweet person.  I look forward to the years that are ahead of us.  However, I do NOT wish them away.  Having children eight years apart will teach a person to appreciate each and every day of a child’s life.  It goes so quickly.  So, so quickly…

So here are some photo’s of his birthday party.  It was such a good time!

He LOVES Elmo.  My mom made the cake. She’s amazing.  Let me know if you need a cake made, I bet she would do it.

Apparently the cake tastes good too.


Oh… I love that boy!

And so does his Daddy!

I honestly think one of his favorite parts of the day was meeting his new best friend, Jett W.  He didn’t know it at the time, but as soon as he saw him, he stopped and I could tell he was thinking… “hmmm, we should play.”  They’re only two months apart, and since his parents are as close to local sibling as I have, I’m very glad that they played well together.

The swing set is what the grandparents and we bought for him.  He LOVES to swing!  Can you tell?

After everyone left the party, the Williamsons and Zachary (my favorite nephew in 3rd grade) stayed around to “fish” our sad pond.  THEN… Kyle caught a HUGE catfish!  Where he came from, nobody knows!  Our pond has dried up more than once, and the only fish we’ve added were crapie.  So…. I guess catfish can survive in mud.  Crazy.

And just for the record… here’s my two favorite girls, Landrie and Meredith.  All sweet and lovely….

But this is really them…. hehe hehehehe….. love you girls!!!!

All silliness aside.  I do think about the 9/11 tragedy and remember where I was when it all happened.  I will forever remember the feeling of unbearable loss and suffering that I felt while watching that newscast.

I am very grateful for having Maxwell this day.  He is a light amongst the darkness.


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