Five hours in a car with a two-year old…

It’s really not as bad as one would think.  Okay, that’s a lie.  On the way to Dumas, TX (where Matthew is working presently) Maxwell had two really good meltdowns.  It’s cool though, I was expecting nothing less.  But we got there.  In one piece.  Alive.  Breathing.  Life was good.

Dumas is a windy, windy town.  But there’s a Wal-Mart and McDonalds.  Therefore it is as American as apple pie.  Across from the RV park that our Fifth Wheel is parked in is a really nice park and water park.  The only downfall was the cow feed-lot just up the street, and the landfill up the other street.  So no matter which way the wind blows… you got it… the aroma was less than pleasing.  But we had fun.  Maxwell went on the swings, slides, and sidewalks.  (Sorry, it’s the only other “S” I could think of)

The following day, we drove to Canyon, TX (just outside of Amarillo) and went to Palo Duro Canyon.  The first time I happened upon this great wonder was with my college roommate, Melanie.  We went on an unplanned road trip at age 22/23.  We set out west and that was our first stop.  Many years later I went back with my mother.  We toured the canyon and saw the “Texas Play”.  It’s the longest running outdoor drama/theatrical act.  AND it is amazing.  They feed you an awesome BBQ dinner before the production, then you sit in a beautiful outdoor amphitheater to witness the great play.

So anyway, without further ado.   Here are some photo’s we took:  Please enjoy!  🙂


looking down in the canyon…

he was ‘king of the world’… only I wouldn’t let him over the cliff like he wanted.

This was funny.  In the past, I’ve told Maxwell that a cow says, “moo”, only I never really showed him a cow.  However, when he saw this baby cow statue, he knowingly said, “moooooooo”.  He’s so smart.  Heh heh…..

Oh…. really?  Okay..

You really should go there.  It’s so unreal how such a gigantic canyon could exist among miles and miles of plains.  It’s so crazy.


One response to “Five hours in a car with a two-year old…

  1. Great pictures!!!

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