Golden Circle

One Sunday per month, my friends and I meet for brunch.  It started because Misti was always working, and I missed her.  So I told her in so many words.., “If you can’t reserve a couple hours per month because of work, then your job is worse than I thought.” (Something like that).  And so it was.  First it was just her and me.  Then as the months flew by more and more of our girls began attending.  We’ve had as many as eleven at a time.   I realize now more than ever how important it is to keep friendships strong.  It’s too easy to let inconveniences keep people from seeing each other, and the older we get the easier it is to say, “maybe next time I’ll go”;  or ” I just have too much to do today.”   Like any relationship, the time and work you put into it is a reflection of its strength.  My friends are worth my time, and I’m very glad to have them.

One other amazing thing that has come out of our brunches is the new friendships that have formed.  We are a golden circle of trust…

(from left to right:  Heather with baby Hollis, Jennifer and her red hat, Andria floating on the frog, Melanie and Tonie sharing the purple raft, Camille in the back sneaking up on the others, and Lisa with her ‘Jackie-o’ shades)

Oh, did I mention we had brunch at my house this month?  Everyone brought items for snacking and drinking, then we took a dip in the pool.

While Jennifer was floating around in the inflatable tire, she momentarily lost all control of her limbs, shaking and flailing the tire off her while announcing (in an octave higher than I’ve ever heard from her) that something stung her!

It was true.  A wasp had gotten the best of her.  This was her first wasp/bee sting.

Luckily, Melanie came to the rescue with her first-aid kit from the glove box of her car.  She applied some “sting antiseptic”, and then I got to thinking about what I’ve always heard to do for stings.  I ran to the front yard, remembering  an old half-smoked cigarette that someone had flicked into one of my flower pots.  And although it had sat through lots of watering and probably even rain showers, I grabbed it and tore it apart.  Adding a little water to the old tobacco, I put it on her welp and secured it with band-aids.  I guess we probably could have just rubbed some dirt in it, but I like the idea of telling this story.  Right Jenn?

That’s Melanie.  We go way back.  She looks sweet and innocent, but that girl possesses a sarcasm that could make grown men cry.   Always good laughs when she’s around.   I’m so glad she came to brunch this month, it was her first time.

Camille can thaw out pinwheels better than anyone I know.

Lovely Lisa told me that her husband thinks he likes Ryan Adams as much me.  I’ve got news for you, there’s no way!  🙂

Heather and Hollis were the stars of brunch.  Everyone talks about how much he looks like Travis, but in this photo he favors Heather sooooooo much!  Don’t you agree?

Andria is easily one of my favorite people.  Always with a witty story or retort.  If you ever meet her, ask her about the baby she auctioned off at the movie theater.  heh heh….

That’s Tonie.  She’s become like a sister to me, kind of like my partner in crime.  Not like there’s too much trouble to get into around here, but we try.  heh heh heh…

Of course some of the girls were missing this weekend due to being hung-over, sleep deprived, or simply in the beautiful state of Colorado.  But I bet I’ll see them in a month!

So here is my challenge to you:

Call your close friends this week.  Schedule a time to meet with each other.  Do this often.


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