Tzatziki Sauce (revisited)

Remember that food blog I did months ago about the best Greek chicken, pickled turnips, and Tzatziki Sauce?  Well I made the same meal recently and made a mistake when buying the groceries needed.  It wasn’t until everything was prepared when I discovered what I had done.  Instead of buying the plain (unsweetened) yogurt, I bought the sweetened kind.  Oops!  Honestly, it was awesome!  I still love the original sauce, but this had a nice change.  The sweet complimented the saltiness of the chicken.  So you can make it unsweetened, or sweet… either way is fabulous.  And here’s how:

First you should gather all the supplies and ingredients needed.

Get two strainers (like these, if you own them):

This one is for the yogurt.

This one is for the cucumbers.

Get 2 nice sized cucumbers, vegetable peeler, knife, and spoon.

Peel the cucumber and cut in half lengthwise.

Spoon the seeds from the middle of each half, and cut into chunks.

Put the cucumber chunks into the strainer and place a towel under it.  Cucumbers retain water like a nine month pregnant woman.  The best way to get as much water from the veggie is to sprinkle a fair amount of salt on the pieces and let the moisture seep out.  The process takes a while.  Give it at least an hour.

Now onto the yogurt.

Put TWO coffee filters inside the small strainer.  Then add 3 cups of yogurt to the strainer.

The yogurt needs to drain for about an hour too.

Before adding the cucumbers to your food processor, wrap them in a towel and wring out even more water.  Trust me, you don’t want a runny sauce.


The cucumbers

The juice of one lemon

2 cloves of minced garlic

1 teaspoon of black pepper

2 teaspoons of dried dill (or to taste)

Blend until no longer chunky.

Pour cucumber mixture into a bowl.  If you notice liquid at the bottom of the bowl (and you probably will) try to drain it the best you can.  Take your yogurt and stir it in gently.

Cover and refrigerate at least two hours.  It’ll give the flavors time to blend well.


There should be plenty of salt in it from earlier, if not… just sprinkle some in.


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