The Last Few Days…

“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.”

-Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist)

I will say that capturing four young boys in a perfect picture is not the easiest of tasks.  There is bribing to be done, rather it’s with candy, ice cream, or pacifiers…

I really wanted to get the “perfect” shot of the three older boys showing off their “Mimi” tattoo’s and Maxwell being “good”.  🙂  This was the best I could capture.

Maxwell was DONE.  Plain and simple.  

Alton enjoyed the photo shoot ( I think ).  He did his own thing, and really just wanted to put a leaf on his chest that resembled a heart.

Dylan really wanted nothing to do with the photo shoot… kind of like Maxwell.  However, he was way more cooperative when I mentioned ice cream to him.

Isaac is used to my photo demands, and is actually quite the model.  You noticed that though, right?

So the reason my brothers family came to town is because my grandmother isn’t doing so great.  That being said, she is in GREAT spirits, and that speaks volume about her character.  She’s a tough ole’ bird!  Some of my fondest memories are with her.

She let me pierce my ears without my mothers consent.  In fact I can remember her telling me to let my hair fall over my ears so they wouldn’t be seen.  She knew my mom would be pissed.  heh heh….

I remember the vacation to Carlsbad Caverns at a young age…. my grandpa would “call” the sandman on the phone to come get us kids to sleep.  Let me tell you…. it worked!!

All the long road trips to Texas in their car… Brian falling asleep, and me talking their ears off the whole time.  The smell of their basement.  Honeybuns in the microwave.  Popcorn and Pepsi.  Chicken and dumplings.  Slim-fast with chocolate ice-cream added to it…. these are all memories I hold dear.

She has always been a lot of fun!  We’ve even taken road trips when I was old enough to drive.  Once to Missouri, once to Eagle Pass, TX.  She’s way laid back, and very cool.  I’m so glad Brian and family were able to come see her this summer.

I was trying to take pictures of the boys, but I discovered how easier it was when I asked them to make “funny faces”.  They really liked that idea.

We also found some ducks along the river walk of Bricktown who really liked the company of our boys.

It’s been a great weekend.  I’m very grateful for my brother and family’s arrival.  I’m also grateful for my grandma’s health… seems like it’s improving.  All prayers are helpful, rather you’re Christian, Buddhist, etc…. Keep ’em coming!


One response to “The Last Few Days…

  1. Great pictures! Hope your grandmother is doing well. Miss ya.

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