The Past Month

I have been absent from blogging for way too long.  Accept my apologies, if in fact anyone out there really cares.

So instead of a lot of talk, I’ll give you mostly photo’s.

I let Isaac ditch school last month to attend the ladybug release at the Crystal Bridge Gardens.  It was so cool!  Everyone received a small container full of ladybugs to release inside the gardens.

The boys had a great time.

A few days later, we went to the Arts Festival.

Maxwell loves running down hills.

Going uphill needs a little help sometimes.

Then…. I went to Austin with three wonderful friends.  Misti, Tonie, and Ashley.  I love those girls.  They make me smile.

We went to Austin for The Old Settlers Festival in Driftwood, TX.  That’s just a few miles from Austin.  Before we went to the festival, we stopped at the Barsana Dham Temple and took a few pictures.

There were beautiful peacocks everywhere too.

I didn’t take any photo’s at the festival..  I was afraid of the rain ruining my camera.  If you want to see some photo’s, go to Misti’s blog to check out some fun pictures.

One cool thing about Austin, is all the taco trucks…. or busses.

Mmmmmm…. taco’s….


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