New Season… New Habits

Well…. it seems as though I’m back on a pretty strict diet.  I mean, it’s not that strict, really… but I am being ultra-conscious about what I ingest.  Here’s my plan:

1.  NO MORE FAST FOOD.  I mean come on, it’s disgusting.  Period.

2.  Try to stick to the outer ring of the grocery store.  All those inner isles are packed full of preservatives, fillers, chocolate, cream filling, carbs, heavenly carbs, loving carbs…. oh wait.  Outer ring, that’s right.  Stick to the outer ring.

3.  No more sugar in the coffee.  It’s not that big of a deal, but it’s something I do daily… if I cut it out, then that’s 14 tsp. of sugar.. about 1/3 cup of sugar PER WEEK.  No problem.

4.  More vegetables.  I bought a spaghetti squash today.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  Nathan cooked one the other night for Misti and me… FABULOUS.

5.  Less wine.  Yeah, right.  I don’t think there will be less wine.  I love wine.  It’s my only vice… especially because I’ve just given up my other vice of eating poorly.

6.  MORE WATER.  (I mean, if I’m still down with wine, I better really be on a water-kick too!)

That pretty much sums it up.  At least for now, that is my plan.  I am in NO way trying to influence anyone here.  I just want a better swimsuit body.  🙂

If you have any suggestions for me, leave me a comment.

Wish me luck!


One response to “New Season… New Habits

  1. Okay so…I too have tried to change my diet recently. Yeah, so I hear all the disgusting things they do to fast food but man, it’s soooo good. I can’t say that I won’t ever break down and eat the hell outta some Taco Bell, Sonic or my all time favorite…Long John Silvers.

    My new favorite thing is a George Foreman grill (okay, it’s an old favorite thing that has recently been re-discovered and re-loved). I love to grill yellow squash and asparagus on that thing. Oh my. So good. Weird that that’s what I look forward to now and it’s so quick!

    It’s not easy at first, but when you slowly start taking the bad stuff out, you find that you don’t crave it as much. BUT I will say old habits die hard. Sometimes I just want that crap because it’s what I’ve eaten for 30 years. Queso….oh, queso…..

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