Easy Slider

Okay, okay… I know I didn’t post this last night as promised.  But let’s face it… I’m a busy girl.  There were baths to be had, dishes to put away, Survivor to watch… But I’m here now!

Last night I had to cook some ground beef that I thawed out a couple days ago.  So what did I make?  Sliders!  Isaac loves these tiny burgers.  And I love how easy they are.

I use sweet bread.

Because it’s good.

Then I make tiny burger patty’s and sprinkle a little Montreal Steak Seasoning on them.  Just a little though, or Isaac will claim they’re “too spicy!”  Then (here’s the hard part) I cook them.

Like any good burger, you can add any topping you want.  This time, I added American cheese and fried onions.  But it’s not beyond me to grill onions, mushrooms, and peppers to slather on top.

I guess this isn’t much of a recipe but it’s a great idea for dinner!


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