Spring Break Revisited

It started with a Scentsy Party at Misti’s house.

Nathan made jambalaya and boiled shrimp in a cajun boil.  Misti baked brie cheese in a puff pastry.

I reconnected with a dear friend (Disney) who always has a witty comment or silly story.

Sunday, Matthew, Isaac, Kayla & I saw the new Alice in Wonderland.  You must see this movie!!  It’s so good!  The kids really loved it.

Kayla’s birthday is tomorrow.  She’ll be 13.  I can’t believe I’ve known her since she was two.  Time has a way of getting away.  We had an early birthday party for her.  Nothing big, but I think she appreciated it.

I was short a few candles.  Oops…

We went to the Jenks Aquarium.  It was crowded.  I’m not a huge fan of crowds.  However, I got to see precious little seahorses.

The jelly fish were brilliant too.

The drive to and from the Tulsa area really wore Maxwell out.  This was the deciding factor that lead to the decision to omit a family vacation this summer.  It really would have been meltdown after meltdown had we decided to drive to a far away location.

We pretty much hung around the house the remainder of the week.  It was nice to sleep in every day.

Misti came by Friday.  She and i tried to make sushi.  The rice was less than desirable.  And my kitchen looked like it had exploded within about five minutes.  I think we’ll leave the sushi making to our favorite restaurants, or to Nathan (who had it down in one try…. show off).

It snowed Saturday.

So in light of the cabin fever, we had our favorite neighbors come down for some pot roast and Partini.  Partini is a game that is kind of like Cranium.  Really fun!
Remember how I told you earlier about us canceling the possibility of a vacation?  Well, Matthew and I went pool shopping on Sunday.  And we came up with the master plan of what we desire.  Today.. Monday the 22nd of March… I put a deposit on our pool.  Our summer vacation will be three – four months long, with cameo appearances from all our friends!  We couldn’t be more excited!  Big thanks to Joanie and Wayne for their input on the pool situation!  You’ll be coming over to celebrate too!


2 responses to “Spring Break Revisited

  1. Sad you’re not coming afterall, but we truly understand! 😦
    Excited about your new pool as will be Alton and Dylan whenever we get to go visit you. 🙂 I wish we weren’t that far away!!!!! We miss you.

  2. I wish we weren’t so far away either! It really sucks!! 😦 😦

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