Country Cookin’

Every now and then, I cook an old style family dinner.  Which was the case a few Sundays ago… you see, it was Matthew’s birthday February 28th, and we went all out with the grease!  Chicken fried steak, fried squash, mashed potatoes & gravy, a regular green salad, marinated mushrooms, and stuffed jalapeno’s.  OH… and my mother made him a pumpkin roll!  He love’s pumpkin rolls.  What I like about this style of cooking is it’s effortless.  Dip whatever you have in an egg bath, then in a spicy flour, and fry.  Easy!  Check out my tempura veggie recipe if you want specifics.  I do, however, want to talk about the jalapeno’s.  Talk about easy, healthy, and amazing!

First of all, the jalapeno’s..

One thing I learned about working with so many hot peppers is WEAR LATEX GLOVES!!!! Here’s the deal; I had many tiny cuts in my fingers (unbeknownst to me) and the oil in those peppers nearly drove me to amputations.  So please, don’t be an idiot like me!  Wear the gloves!!!  Back to the point:

Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno’s

Take 7-8 good-sized jalapeno and cut them length-wise.  Use a spoon to hollow out all the seeds and veins.

Next you will use Laughing Cow Cheese. Any flavor you love will work.  And if you’ve never experienced the wonderful (and low-fat) L.C.C., then you are totally missing out!  It’s so good!  (( gosh I get side tracked easily )).   So anyway, spoon some L.C.C. into each half.

Lastly, buy turkey bacon (or regular, if you’re opposed to a healthier lifestyle).  Cut it in half.  Wrap the bacon around the jalepeno’s.

325 degrees for about 30-45 minutes (or until the bacon is done).

Done and done!

I’m completely embarrassed by this photo, but it’s all I have, and I wanted to give you a perspective of these peppers.  And…. you have to see how we really serve food.  You know, on non-matching plates with no table-cloth!  Sometimes we’re country, and sometimes… well, I like to be fancy sometimes.  Regardless… fancy or not, these peppers are a hit!

Wanna see the pumpkin roll with the birthday boy?



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