White Pizza

I accidently made a really delicious pizza Saturday morning.  (Yes, morning… I was starving, yet did not want typical breakfast food.  You understand, right?) I bought some Tandoori Naan bread earlier in the week, mainly because I’ve never had it and it was on the “day-old bread rack”.  Here’s an explanation for those who unfamiliar to this delicious treat. The rest of the ingredients that I used happened to be in my fridge or cabinet already.  I suggest you run out and buy these items if you currently do not possess them.

Here’s what I did:

Poach one chicken breast in a pan of water.  Add whatever seasonings you enjoy to the water for extra flavor (let’s face it, chicken has very little flavor).  I added Mrs. Dash Table Blend, onion salt, garlic powder, and coarse ground black pepper.  Once it’s fully cooked, chop it into tiny pieces. While it’s cooking make pesto sauce.  It’s really easy:  Buy a package of Pesto Seasoning (where you buy your gravy mixes).  Follow the directions.  OR… you could make homemade pesto, but I didn’t have any fresh basil or pine nuts.

The rest is easy!

Spread pesto on the naan.

Crumble your chicken on top of the pesto.


a handful of capers

Some marinated artichoke hearts (these come in a jar)

diced red onion (I didn’t add this, but wished I had)

Cover with white cheese.

PRESTO!  Slide it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. Sooooooo good!


One response to “White Pizza

  1. any leftovers you could bring to scouts tonight??

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