Dang! That’s Good…

The past two weeks, Isaac had a basketball tournament in Luther.  Just up the street from this ghost town is the coolest gas station/restaurant in the whole state of Oklahoma.  It’s on Route 66 just east of I-35.  POPS: Soda Ranch.  I wanted to share a few pictures we took while we were there.  Isaac LOVES this place.  The endless supply of Root Beer and Cream Soda…. well, he didn’t know where to start!

The walls are lined with glass soda pop bottles from the floor all the way up to the ceiling.

We bought a few bottles on both trips to Pops.
Our favorite bottle out of all that we consumed was…

The label does not lie!  It was fantastic!  I’m not much on soda’s, but I would definitely buy this one again.  I’d never had (or heard of) a butterscotch root beer.  I suggest you drive yourself to Pops and buy one.

There was one soda there that I wish I would have photographed or at least bought.  It was named, “Kitty Piddle”  and had an orange/pineapple flavor.  The play on words written on the label said, “SODAsgusting…. Really gross”  Something like that.  Follow this link to look at the bottle and other brands from that company. Pretty clever…


3 responses to “Dang! That’s Good…

  1. we love that place!! Plan to go next week for breakfast with a friend from Guthrie…Caleb loves it too…

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