Confidence Has a Face

When we moved out to the “country”, my main concern was Isaac.  He had an established home, friends, and routine in Norman and it worried me how he would perform socially in a new setting.  I think his first year was a little shaky, but this year he has made a place for himself.  And honestly… Matthew and I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Not only is he excelling in school (all A’s & B’s, thank you very much), but he has also found confidence on the basketball court.   Now don’t get me wrong, he might not be the best player on the court but he has improved 200% over the course of the season.  I owe great thanks to his current coach, Russell.  This man is dripping with praises towards all the boys on his team.  He takes time to help each of them individually on their weaknesses, while insisting “team ethics” during each practice.  Although the team didn’t excel in the final tournament, I think they grew immensely as a team and as individual players.

Last year, Isaac never once took a shot during a game or fouled another player.  Although I’m still waiting on that foul, Isaac made the only two-point-shot during the last regulation game of the season.  I thought Matthew was going to throw Maxwell onto the court when he sprung up from the bleachers waiting on my high-five.  That shot (I believe) has given Isaac the confidence he needed to play more aggressively and passionately.  You can see the pride in his face now when he’s on the court.

I can’t wait for next years basketball season to get here!

Isaac and  Houston

Lucky 13 running for the ball.

The Panthers 2010


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