Espresso Martini’s Anyone?

Saturday was filled with surprises.  Matthew and I really wanted sushi.  We thought, if we could get a sitter for Maxwell, we could indulge ourselves with the lovely, delicious rolls that Sushi Neko has to offer.  My wonderful sister-in-law, Amber, came over and took the task.  God bless her!  We picked up Misti and continued to the above mentioned restaurant.  So good.  Then we took Matthew to an Asian Market to show off the fresh choices of meat they offer and to look at Sake sets.

We get back home and our friend Jason G. came over to visit (another surprise).  I also convinced Amber to hang around (yay us!).  It all started innocently enough.  I brewed the only coffee I had, a cinnamon flavored Folgers.  Yes, that’s right… I don’t always buy the fancy stuff! I mixed up coffee martini’s for Amber and me while the boys were drinking um…. well.. I’m not sure what they were drinking.  Probably whiskey.  Jason had a sip of the ‘tini and was hooked!  The boys were kind enough to make a trip to the liquor store for more vodka, and to the grocery store for Espresso Roast Coffee.

Here’s the night in pictures:

Amber wouldn't let me take her picture.

The martini’s seemed to get better and better.  We needed a snack.

We love soft pretzels and cheese in our household.  Especially Maxwell.

Anyway, here’s my recipe if you feel like having an awesome drink!

Espresso Martini’s

Brew really strong coffee. (I use a percolator to brew espresso coffee from Starbucks.)

Put the coffee in the freezer to cool it down.  This way you don’t instantly melt the ice when you shake all the ingredients.

In a shaker combine:

1 shot vodka

1 shot Bailey’s

1 shot coffee

Shake it like you mean it!!!

Pour Hershey’s syrup in a ring on the inside of your martini glass.

Pour the drink into the glass.



One response to “Espresso Martini’s Anyone?


    I love this stuff…..I want to blog too. Will you help me get started sometime? Not that anyone really wants to know anything about me but it looks like fun. 🙂

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