I Forgot to Tell You..

Isaac has been saving his money since Christmas.  First he was going to buy a digital camera, then it was an iHome for his iPod to be played on.  I finally talked him into saving up for his own computer.  They’re relatively inexpensive these days, especially if you don’t need tons of memory or a super fast Mac.  Matthew and I had talked about this, and decided we would pitch in $200 if he needed it.  Of course, we didn’t tell Isaac this.

The day after his birthday party, Isaac was outside with Kayla (our dear friend from Norman), Maxwell, and me.  I mentioned in the previous post that I was taking pictures of the kids.  Isaac was shooting his bow and arrows towards the back of our property when Maxwell decided to get in front of him.

Isaac says, “Mommmmm…….. can you come get Maxwell?”

I look at Isaac’s position in the yard and said, “Just turn and shoot towards the neighbors yard.”

Isaac looked at me with one eyebrow cocked upwards and replied, “The arrow will go over their fence.”

I laughed out loud at his bold statement while shooting pictures of Kayla and said, “Yeah, right!  I bet you a hundred dollars you can’t shoot it over the fence, AND if you do, I’ll hop the fence and get your arrow!”

I probably don’t have to tell you what happened next.  I paid the hundred dollars out of the fund we were going to give him anyway, but I did not hop that fence!  He wasn’t too heartbroken about that part of the bet.

By the way, he bought his computer Sunday evening.  It’s awesome!  He’s been practicing typing, and looking up information on whales.  I’m happy for him.


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