January = Birthdays

I have a crazy story for you about numbers.  Here it goes… my birthday is 1-9-76.  If you take away the dashes, my birthday is the same as the year… 1976.  Get it?  Okay.  In 1999, I was pregnant with Isaac.  I was really upset that my birthday would no longer be the same as the year.  (When you’re pregnant, it doesn’t take much to upset you.) So then Isaac was born 1-20-00. Do you see the pattern? 1 of 2000! The year he was born is also in his birthdate.  I think it’s cool.  So it brings me to my point that our birthdays are in January.

My birthday was cool.  I accidently over served myself and Tonie the night before my day (Sorry Kyle).  It was the night of Elvis’ birthday.  Good enough reason as any, right?  Good Lord, we had fun… and paid dearly the next day!  I had sushi with Matthew, Misti, Brent, Tina, and Rip on my actual birthday… Sushi Neko is the business!  Go if you never have!  Get the “Cowboy Roll”.  Incredible!    On Sunday, I met with my girls for our monthly brunch date.   Fabulous!

Isaac had a huge birthday!  Laser Tag, friends, pizza, cake…. can’t go wrong! We had his party at Hey Day’s in Norman.

Isaac won a round of golf on the Birthday Wheel!

That’s the cake I made Isaac.  Devil’s Food Cake, Whipped Vanilla Icing, and M&M’s for decoration!  Misti is so proud.  She had M&M cakes growing up.  That’s where the inspiration came from.

All the kids had a lot of fun.  Matthew more than anyone though.  As soon as we got home he says, “gah… I can’t wait to play laser tag again!”

Kayla, our neighbor from Norman days, came home with us.  She’s grown up so much…

Isn’t she pretty!?!

On Isaac’s real birthday, we celebrated mildly.  My grandma bought him a cupcake from Fancy That in Norman.  We shared it.

(((sigh))) He’s so big.  It happens in the blink of an eye.  Before I know it, he’ll be on his own.


2 responses to “January = Birthdays

  1. Love the cake! Looks like Isaac beat me with some Peanut M&M’s! Great photos too!

  2. Carrie Dickinson


    Be on his own before you know it is right. Cole is a senior this year and I just cannot come to grips with the fact that he is quickly becoming an adult!!

    Enjoy those precious moments, as I know you do!

    Love ya,

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