(Taco) Ring of Fire

One of the mom’s from Isaac’s basketball team last year told me about this delicious little treat.  I gave it the name though.  She calls it a Taco Ring, and that’s what it is.  It is super easy, and can be changed to suit your taste buds.  If I were making this for adults, I would add jalapeno’s, or bold cheeses.  But since I made it for my extra picky eater (aka Isaac) I kept it to a minimum.  OH… also I want to tell you to add shredded veggies to this recipe.  ANYTIME there is shredded cheese, you add shredded veggies such as zucchini, squash, carrots, etc.  AND when you have mashed potatoes, steam cauliflower to add to those starchy little spuds.  Those silly kids will never know the difference!

On to the recipe:

Brown 1 pound of ground beef.

Add taco seasoning and follow the directions on the envelope.

You will need 1 can of Pilsbury Cresent Rolls

Spray a round pizza pan with cooking spray.

Arrange your cresent rolls triangles in a “sunshine” formation.  Like this:

Now sprinkle your cheese (I used mozzerella and cheddar) AND your shredded veggies.  Like this:

Now add your taco-meat.  Like this:

(See my Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook in the background?  Represent!)

Now fold over those sun rays.  Like this:

Now cook it for 11-14 minutes at 350 degrees.  Like this:

Then, eat it.  Like this:

That’s my boy!

Enjoy, my friends!


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