Good-bye 2009…

We had a great New Year’s Eve.  I know, I know… it’s not midnight in the central time zone yet, but that’s okay.. we celebrate with the east coast!

Matthew and I went to the casino for a bit.  We had a lot of fun!  AND came out ahead.  Not too shabby….

Then we went to the neighbors; Tonie and Kyle.  Here’s just a few shots I took.

That's Landrie, such a little lady!

Sweet Meredith! That's Landrie's lil sis! (And Max's future lady-friend)

Zachary and Ryan (my handsome nephews!)

Braden and Kolby (My Friends Amy and Larry's sons)

All the pictures I did in black and white.  You’re probably saying to yourself, “Thank you, Captain Obvious!”  But I did that for a reason.  It’s all about nostalgia.  Think back on the year.  What did you do?  What did you learn?  Did you change anyones life?  Did you change your own life?  What books did you read?  Who did you meet?  What mattered most?

Well… I could answer all those questions, but I’m not going to.  Answer them yourself.  😉

Happy New Year Friends…


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