Kiss Me, I’m Irish Coffee!

Oh… you have never had coffee until you’ve had a true Irish Coffee.

The first time I visited my friends Jonathan and Michael in San Francisco, we went to a little hole-in-the-wall called The Gold Dust. At least I think that is the name of it, I might have had too many Irish Coffee’s to remember.  Anyway, when the Tender of the bar gave me my coffee I asked him for a stir stick to mix that lovely cream into it.  He looked at me with his squinty eye and said, “You don’t stir the cream!  You drink the hot coffee through the cold cream.  You don’t stir it!” He must have thought I was from Oklahoma or something.  Anyway, I hadn’t had it that way in many years since then, until my girls and I had brunch at Cafe do Brazil two weeks ago.  Need less to say, I had to make my own!  And I did!

First you brew some amazing coffee!  I chose illy.  It’s really good!

Then you get some really cold Heavy Whipping Cream.   Get a hand mixer and beat the hell out of it.  Once it’s almost reached the consistency you desire, sprinkle about a tablespoon of sugar in it while you continue mixing.

Pour a spoonful of sugar in your coffee cup, add your Irish Whiskey (I used Bushmills, but Jameson is just as delicious), add the coffee, and stir.  Now, take that spoon and flip it over, holding it scoop-side-down (make sense?) and pour the cream over it into the coffee.  Wa-Lah!

Yessir… that’s one great coffee!  While I was busy making and drinking coffee, Misti was busy making and baking eggs!  Yes, that’s right Baked Eggs! I’d never had them before, but you can bet I’ll be making them for my family very soon!  Check out her recipe on her blog.


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