More pictures

So I’ve really been having fun with the new camera.  Oh… Matthew and the boys also gave me a high powered lens on Christmas morning.  Some great photos are about to be shown….

So this is a picture of our pond.  It was taken the morning after that great blizzard we had.  I stood on the back patio and zoomed in on it.  Thinking back when we were shopping for houses, our friend (and realtor) Liz made us look at this house, even though it was a bit out of our price range.  My parents were with us that day.  While my mother, Liz, and I toured the house, my dad and Matthew went straight for the shop and pond.  I was skeptical about the house, mainly because of this wall mural that I hated (yet love now), but when we met back with the boys my dad said, “We’ll take it!”  and Matthew was smiling ear-to-ear.  The pond was a huge selling point, and I am soooooo glad we got this place.

Okay… back to the pictures..

Who does Maxwell resemble in this photo?  If you said Jack Nicholson, you are correct.  Isn’t he funny?  I think his Auntie Keely will really love this pict.  If I remember correctly, she’s a pretty big fan of ‘ole Jackie!  The only thing better would be if he looked like Catherine Zeta Jones.  Right, Reedy?

Moving on…

Isaac was trying to leave at the speed of sound on the morning after the blizzard.  He couldn’t wait to meet up with Parker and Peyton (the neighbors).  I just wanted a shot or seven of him before he left the house.  Is that too much to ask?  Just saying….

Here’s another good one of Maxwell.  He’ll actually sit still long enough for me to get some camera time in.  If you’ll notice, I captioned the photo as ” ‘ole blue eye”.  That is what my friends and I call a ‘Duyism’.  Our fantastic friend Duy is from the beautiful country of Vietnam, and every now and then he has a mix-up with his singular’s and plural’s.  It’s no fault of his, it’s just cute and funny.  Here’s a few for you to enjoy:  Instead of “boys will be boys”, it’s “boy will be boy”; or “I’ve been on pin and needle all day!”  Get it?  I love it!  Love you Duy!  Heh heh heh……

Stay tuned for more exciting (well… I think it’s exciting) photo’s and stories!



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