Well, well, well…. guess what I got for an early Christmas present?  Yep.. a brand spankin’ new camera!  It’s a Sony A230-Badass.  Yeah, that’s right.  It is so awesome!  So I’ve been taking random photo’s of this crazy weather, my crazy boys, and other fun things.  Wanna see?  Here we go!

So this doesn’t represent how cool the camera is, but it does represent how brutal this weather is today!  I think my friend, Shayla, put it best… “Thundersnow”.  Well, of course, she got that term from one of our local weathermen (Jed Castles).  I thought it was funny and very typical of how our weatherpeeps get camera hungry during any kind of unusual climate change.

Moving on….

Here’s Isaac.  —–>

He received a new lego set from my parents, and has been working diligently in his room for hours in hopes to complete it in record time.

But, he got bored and called the neighbors.

Those neighbor boys are silly!  We like them a lot.

Then you have Maxwell…. He likes to sit inside the refrigerator.  We don’t know why, but he does.  He’s done this for about a month now.  Anytime we open the fridge, he makes a B-line for the ledge.  Sometimes he even brings toys and a pacifier to join his “sit-in”.

Here he’s yelling at his dad, “Hey… bring me some toys while you’re over there, would ya?!” He’s demanding at times.  Just saying…

I painted some Christmas ornaments that my dad made:

All in all, it’s been a great Christmas Eve!

Have a great holiday!


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