My mother-in-law, Chris, had an intimate watch party for the first Twilight movie last weekend.  It began precisely at twilight (of course).  In attendance was Amber, Tonie, Chris, Heather, and myself.  Ed, Chris’s lovely other half, brought us trays of amazing food from Deep Fork Grill.  And to think, we were going to order Mazzio’s!  There was sashimi grade tuna seared rare with fresh cracked pepper coating the outside, bacon wrapped quail (i think it was quail), and a cheese and cracker tray.  We also shared a few bottles of wine.  

twilightcoverI tried taking some shots of the girls, but for whatever reason, my camera was acting silly… check it out..

Chris and Amber

yum! The food was amazing!  I would have taken a picture of Ed, but he doesn’t allow that sort of thing.

I hadn’t had but a sip of wine before I started shooting pictures, I don’t understand why I couldn’t get a good shot!  Maybe I’ll try taking some photo’s today.  

I’m pretty excited about the second movie coming out.  However, I am not the biggest fan of movie theaters.  One of the last movies I saw in the theater was Sex and the City.  I was still pregnant with Maxwell.  Misti and I went to the one in Bricktown.  In the middle of the movie, some thoughtless woman (I’m not going to call her what I want) answers her cell phone and proceeds to have an argument with her boyfriend.  So of course, my pregnant hormones made me get out of my seat, waddle down to where she sat (on the floor she was) and dog cuss her in front of God and everyone.  I was so mad… words can’t explain.  

So need less to say, when I go see New Moon, I may need someone to slip me a mickey before hand.  🙂


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