The Little Things

Like I told you in my last blog, Maxwell is walking now, and quite well I must add.  Yesterday we were in my bedroom, and the sun was coming through the window down onto the floor.  Through the sunlight all the tiny dust particles were dancing in the air.  This really had Maxwell’s focus.  He’d wave his hands through the air, trying to catch the little pixies, he’d turn around and see his shadow on the floor.  Then, he’d go after his shadow which disappeared under the door.  So on the floor he’d go looking under the door for that shadow that kept running from him.  He would stand up, turn around, and see the dust pixies again.  Over and over this cycle went for at least fifteen minutes.  I just stood there and watched him.  It’s not often I stop and look at the little things.  How amazing would life be if all of our attention was as easily amused as a one year old?  We wouldn’t need Wii’s, or X-box’s.  We could just chase our shadows.  My Little Thing


2 responses to “The Little Things

  1. I’m gonna have to insist that you post something new. C’mon … I wanna know how much water is in that pond of yours.

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