Where in the world have I been?!?  It’s been weeks since I posted anything.  At first I was ill for a few days, then I became lazy… really lazy.  I’ve barely been checking my email for that matter.  A lot has happened though.. for one, Maxwell turned one!  He’s so big!  He’s even walking now.the big one!And let me interject that my mother made Maxwell’s cakes.  His personal cake, and the very cool Monkey Cake.Monkey Cake

 OH… and Misti took some fabulous photo’s of my two boys….my boysHere’s another… 

my FAVORITE!Good looking boys.. right?  It’s been a good few weeks in my absence.  

This past weekend we decided to smoke a bunch of meat.  I did a Kansas City dry rub and basting marinade, let me say it was a complete success!  My parents, grandma Mary,  father-in-law Tommy, family friend Rick, neighbors (Tonie and Kyle), and friends Bones and Rachel were present for the feast.  It’s a big deal when we smoke meat, because it’s an ALL day event.  The Great Smoke Out!Great friends, great food.. lots of tall tales, a bit of live music, and a lot of beer and whiskey.  Not bad for a Saturday afternoon!


One response to “M.I.A.

  1. wondered what had happened to your blog…enjoy
    reading it!! My idea of blogging is writing an article
    about a farm experience, then trying to have it
    Have a story about a hen that was attacked by dog,
    and I, with a little help from my hubby, sewed up…
    then there was the time I bought a horse, found out
    that 40 somethings can still get horse fever, and
    the horse was a “pig in a poke!”
    One of my cows had a torn nipple, well..that one was
    a little more involved, but it was published on our
    highland asso. website!
    God bless you this beautiful time of year!!

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