Natural Music

I have to say… since I’ve lived country, there are things I notice occasionally that seem so simple, yet still take me by surprise.  There’s a storm brewing outside, I went out to “shew” the cat’s out of the garage and stood out in the front yard for a while to admire the lightning, feel the weight of the humidity (not so pleasant), and listen to the bugs and frogs.  Now, when I lived in the city, the only sounds I was ever able to focus on were the mistreated dogs of my ghetto neighbors; the slow, sad screams of the freight trains rolling by, ambulances making their nightly calls, and the never ending traffic of neighboring streets.  In the country, however, the silence is almost deafening!  AND I love it!!!  

At the beginning of this past summer, when the rain had been abundant and my pond drank the water eagerly, it welcomed the traveling frogs.  There were nights when their songs were so loud it was almost humorous!  In fact, one night in particular, my good friend Tonie and her husband (also a very good friend) Kyle must have heard the orchestra being performed in my pond.  It seriously was louder than any frog ensemble I had ever heard.  Matthew and I joked about it briefly at the time.  Around 11 pm that evening, I received a text from Tonie reading, “could you please tell those frogs to shut up?!?  We’re trying to sleep over here!”  I was in hysterics! I laughed, I laughed some more…. I couldn’t stop!  I kept giggling while in bed, and at one point, Matthew thought I was crying (only because I was trying to muffle my laughter.)  

They’re great people, Tonie and Kyle.  We really couldn’t ask for better neighbors. 


Tonie and Kyle


One response to “Natural Music

  1. Awww shucks!! Thanks Angee we feel the same way about you guys! That was pretty funny!! Love ya!

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