My Turn

Well, well, well….. I’m sure by now you have read my earlier posts describing some of my husbands crazy antics, my children’s fun little stories, possibly even my first recipe post.  But now it is my turn to tell on myself.  

A few weeks ago, I went to MasterCuts to get my hair trimmed up.  The lady who did the butchering… uh, I mean cutting did an okay job, but when it started growing out I felt like I had a long version of a mullet.  Not like my sides were extremely shorter than the back, it’s just that the back was unusually longer than I’d wanted.  So time passes…. Two nights ago I was playing with the boys in the living room, and I caught a glimpse of my hair in the mirror.  “Isaac,” I said, “watch Maxwell a minute for me.”  And off to the bathroom I went, scissors in hand.  At first I was just going to cut the back to make it even with the sides.  My mother and Keely are always cutting their hair and always do a good job!  So in my mind, if they can do it– I can do it!  I can’t do it.  And I shouldn’t have done it. oops!

You’re probably saying to yourself, that’s not so bad.  Well…. it was.  Look at the next shot.  

Pretty bad, huh?  So what did I do?  Nothing.  It was close to 9 pm.  All I could do was throw it in a ponytail and look forward to seeing a hair-miracle worker the following day.

oh no...







Thursday morning, I called the closest beauty shop to my house.  A woman named Melody answered.  I asked her if she had any openings that morning.  She did, and she wanted to know what I needed done.  When I told her I had cut my own hair the night before she began laughing.  Apparently I’m not the only one who does this.  I went to her promptly at 11:30 am.  She worked her magic.whew!way to go Melody!

Although I haven’t had this short of hair in 14 years, I kind of like it.  I do look forward to some growth for the ponytail to return, but this is great!  

Next time I go see Melody, I am planning on taking my scissors and surrendering them to her.  I think she’ll appreciate that.  The only problem is I still have kitchen and safety scissors lingering around the house.


5 responses to “My Turn

  1. Haircut looks great! Love it…

  2. i LOVE it!!! it totally fits you! way to go melody. todd is here and he says it looks FABULOUS, BEST STYLE YET!

  3. I love it sista!

  4. Carrie Dickinson

    Hair looks FABULOUS! How could it not with such a lovely face beneath it. At any rate, Melody did good!

  5. Lookin’ good girl!

    I found your blog thru the Dirtshoe. I’m enjoying reading it!
    Check me out at!

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