Never a Dull Moment

Today was the second day of school for Isaac, and the last real day of Matthew’s staycation.  A “staycation” is when one if off work, but doesn’t really go anywhere for a vacation… we made this term up last year.  At least I think we made it up.  He will go back to Kansas on Sunday.  It’s been a week full of stories, so to speak.  Let’s recap:  Matthew came home due to his knee injury… we all remember how that happened (refer to: Recipe For Destruction).  Another story, which I’m not allowed to talk about is the poison ivy that rubbed in between his knee brace and leg.ivy... the poisoned kind  This made wearing a knee brace virtually unbearable!  But I’m not going to talk about it! (heh heh heh…)

Then he had to replace the wheel cylinder on his one-ton truck.  No biggie, he learned a new skill and I learned a little about brakes just by talking to him about it.  NOT a lot… just a little.  Vehicles really aren’t my forte.  I know where the gas and oil goes.  Anything else… I call AAA.

Today I had to run errands, so Matthew and Maxwell were assigned the task of getting Isaac after school.  I took Matthew’s truck and he took my mini-van (yeah, that’s right… I’m a soccer-mom… anyone have a “dead-head” sticker I can post proudly on my bumper?).  Okay, okay… let me back up a bit.. when I left the house today, there was a spare tire to Matthew’s motorcycle trailer sitting in front of his truck.  When I returned it was WAY over on the other side of the yard.  I didn’t think much of it because it was close to the workshop.  However, the story goes something like this:  Matthew was leaving to pick Isaac up from school.  Before he left, he decided to close the shop to prohibit any of his tools, etc. from being liberated.  When he back out, he unknowingly high centered on the spare tire.  He had two options; either jack up the van and get the tire out, or haul ass towards the shop to “shoot” it out.  Well, those of you who know my sweetheart knows exactly which direction he took. Let’s look at the skid mark of the tire that shot out a hundred yards from both perspectives, shall we?  Never a dull moment my friends, never….

You can see how far the tire bounced from this angle.

You can see how far the tire bounced from this angle.


If you look closely you can see the tire at the end of the trail.

If you look closely, you can see the tire at the end of the trail.

One response to “Never a Dull Moment

  1. I think you guys might be a high risk case for an insurance company! 🙂

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