And The Beat Goes On

“Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.” I can honestly say that I whole heartedly believe this quote.  Since I was a child, I always felt the need to expose people to the music that I loved and yearned for.  And throughout my life I have had the most fantastic relationships with people who feel the exact same way.  Some have gone on and pursued their calling, some meander in the background needing only the acceptance of their chords, while others still wait for their own calling.  I have gone on to write about these amazing people and the influence they have had on me. I think my earliest memory of music began with my best friend Jonathan.  In ninth grade he bought me a Jim Croce album and I bought him a U2 album.  Soon after, we traded… we obviously knew what we each wanted.  We learned guitar at the same time, and played endlessly in our youth.  It was a time where nothing else mattered.  In fact, after high school we lived together for a spell.  I moved my piano in, and before long he was becoming more talented than me on the keys!  Not cool… heh heh.. Years have passed, many years, and we still talk about music interests.  It is certainly one of the many “glues” we have. Me, Clay, and Jonathan at  Jonathan's wedding   Before Jonathan and I became “musicians”, I was introduced to a type of music that would cascade through my veins forever.  I never would have taken myself for a country/bluegrass girl, but if the shoe fits….  During high school, my best friend Amber (who is now my sister-in-law) had the goods when it came to a family with undeniable talent.  Her dad, (again… my father-in-law these days) was quite possibly the biggest influence when it came to playing the guitar.  He was the reason I started strumming in the first place.   Time passed and I found myself with others who, like myself, had the “calling” but with no direction.  Then there are the ones who play as if that’s what their God made them for.  Sometimes, I run across people who have no use for music, and it blows my mind!  Honestly, if I had it my way, I would walk around in life with headphones on… as if to have a set-list for my life.  Oh… I would pick the most important words ever written to music just to choreograph my life.  life There are so many other influences out there who probably have no idea they’ve shaped my mind into a melting pot of music.  It’s safe to say that almost every person I am close to has a special “artist” attached to them, as far as I’m concerned.  My husband, Matthew is attached to Pink Floyd and The Jayhawks.  His sister, Amber… Patsy Cline.  Misti is connected with Patty Griffin and Wilco.  Keely has Dolly, my Mother has Elvis, Dad = Willie Nelson, Isaac = Jonny Cash… and me?  Well, naturally I = Ryan Adams.  🙂 Music is the common thread with most people in my life.  Live to listen….



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