Happy Birthday to…

Zachary (the 7th), Misti (the 8th), Heather (the 9th), and Amber (the 11th)… did I leave anyone out??  

Zachary is my nephew and just turned eight on the 7th.  His mother, my dear sweet sister-in-law, Amber will be old enough on the 11th.  😉  We had a tiny birthday party for the two of them this afternoon at Memere’s house.  They had a cake that was big enough to supply all four birthdays.  Obviously they sent half home with us… if anyone knows the weakness I have for cake early in the morning, then you know what a mistake it was to accept it!  Oh well, what’s the worse that could happen.. I eat a couple of pieces and swear cake off for the rest of the century?  Oh well..The cake for "AmZach" Day


Last night, we celebrated Misti’s birthday at her and Nathan’s house.  It’s always such a good time at their house.  Nathan prepared Greek Food for us.  There was a variety to select from, but the best thing EVER was the chicken.  He marinated it in some amazing herbs and spices, in fact you should look for the recipe on her blog:  http://www.dirtshoe.com      You’ll find some really good stuff there.  I made Misti a birthday cake.  It was chocolate almond, double layered, and had her age written out in M&M’s.  That’s how her birthday cakes were decorated as she was growing up.   I wish I’d taken more photo’s at Misti’s house with my own camera, but I was way too busy playing with her very fancy camera.  It’s always fun to act like a professional photographer.  I did take a picture of my food though.mmmm..... food  Mmmmmm… wish I had more.  

Today is my friend Heather’s birthday.  She turns 30 today. (Dirty-thirty is how she puts it!)  She plans on having a roller skating party, disco style.  I can honestly say I will have a bum-ankle the day of that occasion.  No offense to any skaters out there, I know my limits.

So happy birthday my dear friends and family, I hope this next year proves to be excellent!

Nephew's: Dylan, Ryan, and Zachary with their Mama Amber


2 responses to “Happy Birthday to…

  1. Thanks Angee! You really made my birthday special. Love ya girl.

  2. mels is on the 12th

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