Bloom Where You Are Planted

“Bloom where you are planted.”  That is something my crazy neighbor, Tina, said today to me.  When I say she is crazy, I mean it in the most loving way.  She’s a nut, and I’m glad for it.  We were talking about how so many people are unsatisfied with where they are in their lives, and she said she once had a t-shirt that read, “Bloom Where You Are Planted”.  I liked it.  So that’s my new motto.  It’s something to think about at the very least.

After our unique conversation, as they most usually are, I took Isaac and Maxwell along with our neighbor brothers, Peyton and Parker, swimming at Isaac’s grandparents house.  My ex-in-laws are the most amazing people!  How many divorcees can say they have a better than perfect relationship with their ex-family?  We are certainly exceptions to the rule.  Their home is so lovely and inviting.  Saltwater pool, coy pond, all the toys for all the kids…. it rocks!  They have great yard art work too.  Yard ArtYard Art











The boys had a great time swimming!  P&P are the most polite young men I’ve ever met.  Their parents have really done something right.  Maybe they should host seminars.  Here’s a shot of the three of them jumping into the pool.  So cool….Triple Cannonball Keely came out to swim with us too.  Keely is my very best friend.  Loyal, kind, patient, and honest… what more could you ask for in a friend?  She loves my boys as if they were her own.  That too ranks high in my book.  Here she is with Maxwell in the pool..  she’ll probably kill me for posting this, but… whatever.  heh heh

Keely with Maxwell









So, we picked Kayla up after swimming.  Kayla lived across the street from us up until last year.  Her and Isaac have been BFF’s since they were 3 and 6.  They play so well together and act like brother and sister.  Truly a rarity.  She’s gonna stay until Friday.  Love that girl.

ALSO, Matthew is home for ten days.  Can you believe it?  TEN WHOLE DAYS!  It’s close to miracle!  Really he’s home mainly because of his gimp knee.  But we will take what we can get.  Here’s a shot of him with Maxwell earlier today.  He looks sad, huh?  That’s frozen okra on his knee, by the way…

Laid up


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