As Normal As It Gets

Today was typical at best.  We all woke up, Maxwell had oatmeal, Isaac had waffles, and I had two and a half cups of my fine espresso roasted coffee, with a splash of milk and two sugars.  Mmmmm  coffee….  Nothing real special about the morning.  I did, embarrassingly enough, finish the second book from the “Twilight” Saga.  “New Moon” is the title.  I can’t believe I started the first book Friday, and here I am finished with the second by Tuesday!  Which leads me to the next portion of the day…. Wal-Mart.  I needed some groceries, but even more I needed to fill my addiction with the third book.  What has gotten in to me?  Certainly not housework, because I have vampire and ware wolves to read about!  Any of you who have read these books know exactly what I’m talking about!

Anyway, we had cub scouts tonight.  Isaac and his pack finished up a badge tonight called “God and Family”.  Six weeks of Bible Study.  My favorite part of the evening was talking to Linda.  She is one of the mothers of another scout.  I met Linda at a camp-out back in May.  It was one of the first “social gatherings” I had attended since moving to Harrah.  Don’t get me wrong, I went to all of Isaac’s basketball games too (a whole other story).  My point being, she is one of the first to make me feel completely comfortable in my own skin since being here.  I no longer shook her hand and learned her name, and she was introducing me to people and talking to me as though she had known me forever.   This is the kind of person I aspire to be.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  I think the reason she is able to make people feel so incredibly comfortable is because she is so incredibly comfortable in her own skin.  She’s beautiful, smart, funny, and charismatic.  Another reason I wanted to mention Linda is because she possesses something that I dream of owning one day…. a mini-donkey, aka… a burrito.  They’re so damn cute!  I must have one!  She says they’re extremely lovable too…. awwwww….. I want one…. 

After scouts, we came home and I picked a few tomatoes from my garden.Roma, Roma, Roma

It’s not the prettiest tomato, but they taste great!  In fact, Linda gave me a great recipe for “Tomato Pie”.  Southern, right?  I love it!  I’ll try it this weekend and post the recipe along with photo’s.  





My peppers are doing way better than my other plants.Yellow Bell Pepper  Here is a picture of one of my yellow/orange bell peppers.  If I sit them in the window sill after I pick them, they turn a beautiful shade of orange!  I love peppers!   I also have green and red bell peppers, Anaheim, cow horn, cherry, jalapeno, and “fooled you” jalapenos.  The “fooled you” peppers look and smell just like jalapenos, yet taste milder than a bell pepper.  Kind of disappointing since I love HOT peppers!

Isaac planted carrots this year.  Here’s an odd picture of one he picked earlier.Disgruntled Carrot  Weird, right?  I’m a new gardener and I didn’t know the teeny tiny carrot would grow together to make bigger carrots.  

Below is Maxwell.  He  always goes with us to pick our “crops”.Maxwell in the wagon  Cute kid, right?


One response to “As Normal As It Gets

  1. Those Twilight books are like crack!

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