Once bitten, twice shy…

Hello world!  Let me tell you a little story….

Last weekend my husband, MLook where he is pointing.atthew, came home from working all week in Kansas.  He had a huge (nickel size) pimple on his arm.  I thought, “eewwwwwww”!  He explained that the imperfection was just shrapnel from the grinding of iron that had occurred earlier in the week.  What he didn’t tell me is he really didn’t know what it was.  

Today, however, he showed the larger than normal pimple to me again, and like always, I started googling what kind of spider-bite it may be.  Let me interject here and tell you how unstable my mind and stomach become when any kind of blood or gore is entered into the picture.  Well…. I found a youtube video that had this crazy guy with a spider bite on his foot.  He was demonstrating how to lance the bite in the comfort of his own home by using Dead Sea Salts, and some magical potion from who knows where!  When he pulled out his case of scalpels and rinsed one with vodka, I had no other choice than to hit STOP!  

Okay, back to my story.  When my googling went awry, I went to Plan B.  Call Misti and Nathan.  They are my go-to friends on just about any topic that I need an answer ASAP!  They’re both what one would call “Jack of All Trades”… and I’d go as far as to call them “Master’s” at many topics.  Anyway, Nathan perfectly described what Matthew’s arm looked like, and then said the spider bite would most likely have been from a Brown Recluse.  Awesome!  

If you know Matthew, you know that he DOES NOT go to the doctor.  “Put some dirt in it!” he would say.  

I think after my chat with M&N, he’s decided to take his chances with the doc!




2 responses to “Once bitten, twice shy…

  1. Ewwwwww! this bite looks serious! Poor sweet Matthew…

  2. Carrie Dickinson

    You are always so entertaining. Not that Matthew’s spider bite is entertainment, but the way you portray the spider bite…THAT is entertaining. Keep ’em coming.

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